iOS 6 Feature in Mail: Multiple Signatures

Now that iOS 6 is out, What you don't have it?  Go get it!

Mail has come a long way. One of the newest features is Multiple Signatures. For those who deal with email for personal and Work, and have multiple email accounts on their iOS device. This is a great addition to an already great email app.

Check out the options in: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Scroll down to the Mail options.

Tap on the Signature Option Choose "Per Account" 

Then You'll see listed a title and a text box for each email account you have setup.

This is great for personal/professional separation on your idevice. Especially in this day of BYOD (Bring your own Device) we all want to make sure our personal info doesn't cross over to our business world.

Google Drive iOS App updated to 1.1.0

The Google Drive app for iOS was for a lack of a better term useless.  It recently got a tid bit more useful. You can now edit your Google "Documents". Yup, that's it, just those Word like files you have in Google. I'm still waiting on support for Spreadsheets or Presentations.

Here are a number of other important notes from the App Store

What's New in Version 1.1.0
- Edit Google documents with formatting and collaboration
- Edits to your Google documents appear to collaborators in seconds
- Richer Google presentations with animations and speaker notes
- Create a new folder or Google document
- Upload photos and videos from your device or a photo directly from your camera 
- Move an item to a folder in your Drive
- Delete and remove files from your Drive
- Drive is now available in over 30 languages

Google Chrome and Google Drive: Now for your iOS

Google, during their I/O event annoucned that they were bringing Chrome and Google Drive to the iOS. It's available now. Chrome is here. Drive is here.

Honestly Google Drive isn't anything spectacular right now. Because the whole app is Read only(Update). But it's still a great free app to view all your Google Docs. It's definitely staying on my iPhone for quick referencing.

For Chrome, it has been a nice welcome to the Mac and our Google for business workflow.  Now, We can enjoy it on the iPhone and iPad... This brings bookmark syncing and and even current websites open on your computer synced back to iPad or iPhone. They have taken a Mobile Me/iCloud feature and made it even better...

Switching to Google Chrome: Advanced Settings

Now that you have put all this work into Organizing your Bookmarks, downloading themes installing extensions and adding Apps? What now?  Let's make sure you can sync your Chrome experience incase you need to log in from another computer...

As long as you signed into the Browser all this work has been getting synced back to your account. So, if you Bookmarked or saved an extension and You're out and about with someone else, you can easily sign in, All your stuff gets synced to that account and it's like you're on your computer.  Once you're done, Just sign out.

I recommend setting this up but with a little more security, Here's a quick run down of what needs to be done...

Switching to Google Chrome: Web Store Apps

So you've downloaded Google Chrome? And you made it your own... Now it's time for some Apps.

Depending on your settings when you first launched Google Chrome, you may notice a blank screen with an array of icons and one that Says Chrome Web Store.

OR, let's say you're reading this article and you want to know, Did I add any Apps to my Chrome yet?

For Mac Users, you can press, Command + T for a new tab.
For Windows, Ctrl + T

Now you can Go and Click on the Web Store icon, but continue reading if you are interested in three of my favorites as well as an Advanced Feature that will make syncing even easier and more secure...

Switching to Google Chrome: Extensions and Themes

So you've made the switch to Google Chrome? Now Let's run through some options that allows you to make chrome a little more personal.

While running Chrome, Head up to the menu bar and click on Window

Switching to Google Chrome: First Steps

If you haven't read why I switched, check it out here. If you've decided to make the switch to Google Chrome here are a few things you want to tackle before getting back into you typical browsing activity.

1. Go Download it... Here

2. Next Install and place chrome on your dock...

Forward a text on your iPhone

There have been times where my group of friends will set up a night evening plans with just texting.  There have been times where some refuse to use the group texting feature and for those who use non-iOS devices, they stream in via single text messages.  I recently needed to forward said plans to another friend.  This is how you do it...

From the Messages app in iOS, open the text message you want to forward Tap the “Edit” button in the upper right corner

Tap the message you want to forward so that it shows a red checkbox next to it

Tap on the “Forward” button in the lower right corner

Enter the recipient in the new message screen and send as usual.

Pretty simple?

Happy Forwarding

Open a Saved Draft Quickly on iPhone or iPad

Have you ever started an email to later need to reference another message? Wouldn't it be nice to save the message and then easily get back to the draft?

It is very easy,

Once you start your draft, you can go up and hit Cancel

Then tap Save draft.

You'll pop back to the inbox, Find the email you need to reference, Get that info copy it, so you can paste it later, then head back to the draft.

To quickly get to that saved draft just click and hold on the Compose button. The bottom right corner icon.

Like magic the drafted email message pops up and you can continue where you left off. No need to dig through folders via the Mail app.

Works on iPad too.

Bump and your new way to get photos to your desktop

Bump has been around since the iOS App store started, As far as I can remember back, Bump has been there for me to share contacts and photos.

The technology is quite remarkable to be able to figure out between two bumping devices, which file is to get sent to which device all while not on the same network.

Bump as an app now has a cooler way to transfer photos to your laptop or anyone's laptop.  This is truly a zero configuration way to get a photo from a phone to a laptop. All you need to do is have you laptop on any browser and go to Bump's website after that, just open the app on your phone,  bump the phone with your space bar and like magic, the laptop is downloading the photo.  Now, all I need is the video files to be able to transfer the same way.

Check it out at

The iOS app is here