"I hate them meeces to pieces"-Mr. Jinx

Just like the great Mr. Jinx from Hanna-Barbera cartoon said, "I hate those meeces to pieces." and I couldn't agree more, well at least in the computer world, They are going to be extinct. The future is touch screens and trackpads.  In this day and age we don't need the mouse anymore.

The mouse in the beginning was revolutionary and it changed the way we interacted with machines. But, times have changed...

...I don't want a mouse anymore because they are frustrating everyone! The trackball or scroll-y wheel randomly stops working. Or you would need to use the entire surface of your desk to move the darn thing around. Who wants that? who needs it? Good riddance!

The trackpad isn't new and there are many companies out there that have been able to make the trackpad a thing of the future. Lonovo and Apple just to name two, are out there and they have made huge leaps and bounds to make their laptops even better by creating a better way to interact with your computer. I think Apple and their Magic Trackpad has definitely changed the way I use my laptop when I'm in desktop mode.

Ever since Apple's 'Magic Trackpad' came out, I have been very curious, would people or even me like something like this?  I once thought a trackpad only seems to fit on a laptop, it's not a desktop experience. I changed my opinion as soon as I started using it.

The touch-screen/multi-touch world is upon us and if we continue to use computers in the way we are used to we're going to need something like Apple's Trackpad as a go between medium. Apple's wireless trackpad is perfect and everything we need in a way to interface with a computer. Out with the mouse and in with the trackpad.

Multi-touch couldn't be easier and with the way Apple has built their OS X Lion and Mountain lion, they are going to make things even easier to get around your apps and files.

The Magic Trackpad is bigger and easier to use then any mouse out there. The world of moving your whole arm all around the desk seems like a thing of the past.

I have a small desk and plenty of monitors, I just don't always have space to move or manage a mouse anymore and now that I'm using multi-touch gestures, I starting to forget how I even used a traditional mouse.

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